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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Financial statements- Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement and other related annexure,
  • Statements of purchase, sales, debtor, creditor over than 100 thousand rupee,
  • Tax assessment and tax adjustment forms,
  • Statements of tax deduction and deposit,
  • Amount deposited to retirement fund on behalf of their staff,
  • Date-wise assets purchased, disposed statements,
  • Calculation of category-wise depreciation base of assets, yearly depreciation and repair and maintenance expenditure,
  • Statement of allowable and capitalized interest, research and development expenditure ,
  • Tax deducted at source and deposited,
  • In case of stock, opening and closing stock with quantity and value indicating valuation,
  • Calculation of cost of goods sold,
  • Insurance expenses and claim received during the year,
  • Statement of receivable, payable written off,
  • Contingent liability and change in capital structure,
  • Justification of income or expenditure included in income and expenditure account but not in income return,
  • Non-taxable income and related expenditure,
  • Exchange gain loss statement,
  • Detail of import/export including payment through letter of credit,
  • In case of industry, details of finished product and byproduct and their cost, raw materials, packing materials, import, local purchase, production, sales, stock of raw materials and finished product, wastage, recovery rate, selling price and valuation of closing stock,
  • In case of contractor, contract agreement, cost estimate, contract wise income and expenditure, price variation, work addition deletion, payment certification letter, Ø In case of commission based taxpayer, contract agreement and term of payment, commission rate.
Company audit is mandatory for all companies registered under the company act 2063. Company Audit is governed by the Companies Act. Company audit has the objective of reporting the state of the company’s accounts & finance to the regulatory authority. Audit and assurance services like company audits are performed by qualified auditors who are working as an independent external party.
Audit means examination of books of account for the purpose of providing opinion on true and fairness of fact and reports. mandatory by